Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why oh why didn't we ask?

Jack finally called the insurance company yesterday about covering his testing supplies. And boy, do we feel stooopid. J: "I wish I had done it earlier. It's really quite easy. They cover all the test strips except for a $20 co-pay." Me (in a very snappish-PMS tone): "Jack, I told you to call them months ago!"

I don't even want to think about calculating all of the thousands of dollars we've needlessly spent over the years simply because we didn't ask. We just assumed. ARGHHH.

However, the person he talked to had never heard of the DexCom and asked for a billing number. We'll see how long it'll take Jack to follow up on that... So really, the DexCom is quite more expensive if we'd actually, correctly, used our insurance coverage.

The Belly

I was looking at Jack a couple of days ago while he was relaxing after lunch - usually not a very attractive pose for anyone, but gosh darn it, I could have sworn his belly looked a bit smaller. Then later that day, he patted it and said: "I think my stomach's smaller!" Independently confirmed - I guess it wasn't a trick of the light after all =) Yay - and all it's taking is cycling an hour a day for 2 weeks. I wonder if Adora will remark...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Husband's Mysterious Mind

Jack has been dropping off and picking up Kooky Kid from daycare by bicycle. Hooray! I think this fortuitous turn of events was inspired by KK's classmates' bon mot. I'm immeasurably impressed by his efforts because it took quite some effort to retrofit the bike, take the childseat off my bike and install it on his. So he's biking at least 45 minutes each weekday, the DexCom faithfully recording the BG as it steadily lowers during his journey. And (the cherry on top of all), he takes glucose tabs with him (woohoo! preparation!), and he loads himself up with milk and juice before going. I am so proud, I could cry... He is so proud of himself, he reminds me every day: "My stomach's smaller already! I really like the biking!" Then, yesterday, "And I thought of it all myself, right? You didn't make me do it!"

Right. I thought he was a bit more enlightened than that. He's Dutch. He cooks. He vacuums. He changes diapers and he can get the baby to fall asleep when I can't. But he doesn't do things just because I tell/ask/suggest him to?! Yeegads, that would explain a lot of things. And I can't believe I didn't realize this until now, on our 14th-year anniversary. So I should be more crafty when I want him to do something? Plant the seeds instead of laying it out straight?? But it's understandable - he probably often feels that the diabetes controls him. Add onto that the perception (maybe reality) that his wife is also imposing control over him, and any sane human being would balk.

Ironically, I actually did suggest the bike riding, months ago =)