Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's My Line?

Here are the first charts from Jack's DexCom data (provided by the DexCom rep). Each of the dots is a measurement point:

One week's data:

My immediate reaction to this chart was, "Wow, his regulation is not at all bad!" With a few exceptions...There's the spike up to 350 on the last day which oh-so-pissed him off at the time. But in context of the whole week, he realized that it was just a blip. This chart also clearly shows him that he's too often in the low range (about 30% of the time), so he's recognized that he needs to take action a lot earlier to prevent those.

Seven days' data overlaid on top of each other:

This chart shows consistent highs around 4am, and lows around 8am, 1pm, and before dinner. He's tweaked his basal in response, and now is much better around 4am. We'll have to see about the rest of the day; it's very difficult to analyze without the PC software.

5-min interval data points are bad?
Yesterday Jack was low for 4 hours. Glass after glass of juice, and The Dex still deemed him low, at 60 + 10. We were starting to wonder whether he was the first Diabetic medical miracle (28-year Diabetic Produces Insulin Again!!). In this case, he was annoyed and angry at his body's weird reaction for 4 hours straight. If he had not been hooked up to The Dex, he probably would have been annoyed and angry 8 times in 4 hours. So which is worst?


At 14/7/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice site. I'm the parent of a 10 year old boy with T1. The differences between your PWD and mine aren't that great. :) We work at keeping the right attitude and try to keep learning as we go. I am waiting for the CGMS to be available to children - so we can get one for my son. You aren't alone out there and your site appears to be a pretty honest view of what it is like to live with a PWD. Keep posting, please....

At 17/7/06, Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Overall, I think those numbers look pretty damn good!

You & Jack seem to be doing very well. Keep it up! Using the system to fine tune even this, and the results will be really really good I think.


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