Monday, July 31, 2006

Not Even Safe at Safeway

Sometimes I think Jack and I are both simpletons. Some things, very obvious things, completely pass us by, even though they're waving red flags in front of our noses. Such as...

We often walk to Safeway, our friendly overpriced neighborhood grocery store. It's a 10-minute walk at most, unless the Kooky Kid is accompanying us on his motorcycle (aka tricycle), in which case it's a 45-minute journey. Invariably, after about 30 minutes of shopping, Jack's BG takes a nose-dive. Usually as we're walking out the door on our way home. I always assumed it was due to the increased physical exercise, but was somewhat puzzled because walking to the same-distanced park did not produce this effect.

Lo and behold, an epiphany when the same thing happened yesterday: It's the temperature, dummies. Just as last week's record heats wreaked havoc on Jack's BG, so does Safeway's sub-zero ambient temperature. His BG also plunges after he's been swimming for 1/2 hour. It would seem that he needs more glucose to combat the effects of the cold and keep his body temperature up. Duh. So. Obvious.

The other thing I learned, in retrospect, is that we eat a lot of junk food! These post-Safeway BG emergencies were always saved by the loot we were carrying home. On different days: chips, cookies, chocolate milk. Yikes. Yesterday it was bananas - but only yesterday. Gotta get more control over the junk food!


At 31/7/06, Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - what a light bulb moment!

I've never thought about a body needing more energy to keep itself warm!

Awesome investigative work!!

At 27/3/11, Blogger Diabeteswife said...

Anna, I'm wondering how you are as you haven't posted in years.

Your friend, Diabetes wife


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