Friday, July 21, 2006

Night Visitor

For the 2 of you who got to my blog not through DiabetesMine, I have another post there on a peculiar Night Visitor.


At 22/7/06, Anonymous Phoran, Diabetes Coach said...

Hi Anna
I am a wife and mother who has lived with insulin-dependent diabetes for 25 years. My husband talks with me about his feelings regarding marriage with someone whose blood sugar wanders up and down. I would like to suggest that working with a diabetes life coach may be the right step for you and/or your husband.
I am a psychologist who has been coaching for over 20 years. I am specializing in working with people who have diabetes or have a loved one with diabetes. Coaching involves weekly or twice a month phone calls to me. I help my clients to set goals and develop steps to achieve their goals. I work with clients to take the necessary steps to reach those goals and provide support and encouragement during the change process.
Coaching is NOT counseling or therapy. Coaching assumes that clients are healthy individuals who want to make changes in their lives. Coaching is about the client's agenda, focuses on the present and future, and emphasizes actions that clients can take to bring about change and greater control of the situation. As a a diabetes coach I have the added expertise of knowing a great deal about living with diabetes both professionally and personally. I have worked with diabetics who in as little as 6 weeks have turned their control over diabetes and their worries about their control and hypoglycemia into significant change to improve their control and feel better about their diabetes. If you can introduce your husbands to diabetes coaching, I offer a free 30 minute coaching session. You may also find it helpful to work on improving your own life with someone who is very experienced about the frustrations of living with diabetes in a marriage and with children. Please feel free to contact me to discuss coaching as a posible solution to your issues. I would like to help you help yourself.
Pat Horan,
Diabetes Coach
919 469-2665

At 25/5/16, Blogger Akon Watson said...

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At 26/5/16, Blogger Gabby Stone said...

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