Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ho Ho Ho


Jack went to pick up Kooky Kid from pre-school last week. One of the classmates is a very cute, very chubby, pig-tailed little girl who looked up at Jack and said, "You have a big stomach!" Well Jack, being the type of guy who'll not let a 3-year-old get away with slighting him, poked her in her stomach and said, "Well you have a big stomach too!"

I totally cracked up when Jack told me the story because he said his feelings were "still hurt". I've been suggesting that he modify his diet or exercise more because he looks like he's 8-month pregnant. When I was pregnant, I would compare my increasing belly with his (at the time, he had a 6-month belly). Not subtle you say? Ya - subtlety does not count with him. Did this work? Naah.

But a little 3-year-old commenting, well that did (somewhat) work. He jumped on the treadmill for 30 minutes the very next day, and vowed to do so every day until the belly's gone. He "took a break" during the weekend, so we'll see whether the resolution will hold.


Jack loooves his fried/sated potatoes/meats and thick cream sauces. And his mega-size burrito. And his beer (especially his beer) and wine. Which would be ok if he exercised as much as he used to, but not at his present level of physical activity.

We used to live in The Netherlands where he commuted to work by bicycle because it was the norm, people! He ate more then, but was a slim, trim, muscle machine (I was certainly slimmer and trimmer too, but we won't dwell on that).

Lately he's argued that his diabetes is a cause of the belly: too much insulin=glucose correction. Too much glucose=belly. I say it's simply: more calories in than is being used up.

This is Life?

Jack and I have an ongoing debate about health and finances. He resists too many limitations on his diet or his spending because he says he may die tomorrow. So he should enjoy today. But, I argue, what if you live to be 100? Would you want to be decrepit and poor? Enjoy life today, but also remember that you're the caretaker of your future. Luckily, he more than knows this with regards to his diabetes.


At 19/7/06, Blogger toyfoto said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I have been reading through your entries and have been amazed at all you go through. I was talking to a gentleman about diabetes, (he walked cross country) and he said that he believes the notion that a "cure is just around the corner," is BS. Look at the market that's sprung up around managing the disease. Not that the innovations aren't amazing, but damn! It makes you wonder what would happen to all these companys, with lobbyists no doubt, that produce all the costly devices and tests if a cure really was in the works.

My best to you, you are an inspiration.


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