Monday, June 05, 2006

The Benefits of Diabetes

I'm usually not an optimistic person (call me a realist), but on rare occasions, I like to take a walk on The Other Side. Some musings on the benefits of diabetes:

  • We appreciate health where we got it. I don't take for granted the workings of our body and am so thankful that we're all healthy & mentally capable. Today.
  • Science is amazing. Diabetes is a chronic disease, not a fatal one. Today.
  • It's a great excuse for belly fat ("But honey, I need this belly so it's easier to inject").
  • My 3yo appreciates the ever-present supply of sweets/glucose tablets/juice.
  • Appreciation for hardwoods & very funny hypoglycemic reactions (hey, I'm not an ogre - Jack laughs at these too). I always remember one in particular: I woke up at around midnight and didn't see Jack in bed. I wandered out into the living room, where I found all 6'1" of him on our smallish-coffee table. He was on his back, curled up into himself (how else could he fit on the thing?), and amazingly propelling himself around and around, like a top (or weird synchronous swimmer). I've forgotten the rational around this, but there definitely was one, in his glucose-deprived mind. Well, we found out that night how strong that hardwood coffee table was.
  • I'm so educated about diabetes, I can lecture other people and dash their misconceptions (yeah, right).