Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To CGM cont.

To CGM cont.

Jack and I have been continuing our sporadic conversation about whether he should get a CGM. Couldn't hurt, I think. But then, I'm not the one with canulas stuck into me. Well the other day, he mentioned a new objection: too much information. He said it's enough of a headache to modify his present regimen with the ~15 data points he gets from fingersticks. Let alone the ~280 data points he would get with a CGM. Would he have to be continually adjusting his regimen? This objection, I understand. It's absolutely exhausting to deal with this disease. What he does now is to allow himself to "forget about it" in increments of 1-2 hours between fingersticks. The possibility of continuous data points also creates the possibility of continuous adjustments. How tiring does that get?

Well, I replied that he doesn't have to do anything differently than he does now. That's the thing with having more information: you can always ignore it. If nothing else, the thing will alert him if he goes above or below the set threshold. If nothing else, that in itself is an improvement. I think that convinced him. He said he would talk to his dr. about it (good), but has so far procrastinated (bad).

The other day, Jack got very depressed. Kooky Kid K had yelled at him and tried to bite him again. That seemed to have been the last straw for Jack. He started to talk in scary, desperate terms. The 3 items on the list:
1- Kooky Kid hates him.
2- He'll never find a job.
3- He can't control this f*** disease.

Yeah, that outburst scared me shitless. But we talked and talked, and he felt better. Lots of stress in our little household; diabetes has a long sharp tip which chips away at our sense of control and creates jagged edges in the sculpture of the family.

How to avoid lawsuits?

I found this warning within the packaging of a Mounds bar, which cracks me up:
"Candy is a treat. Please consume in moderation."
Uh huh, candy's now in the company of alcohol.