Friday, April 28, 2006

Money & Diabetes

Wanted to clarify my last posting in response to a reader comment:
"Worries: Arguing with Jack about money & diabetes"

I didn't mean to say money and diabetes in connection to each other. As we all know, health is priceless. It would be ridiculous & cold-hearted of me to resent the money we spend on testing strips and infusion sets (although I do resent the fact that our insurance does not cover either).

I don't argue with him about how he manages his diabetes, because I think he does a damn good job at that. I do argue with him about how he manages his life (e.g. driving, looking after the kids) and that he could take into greater consideration the fact that he has diabetes. What he can do to best mitigate the dangers of hypoglycemias.

And I argue with him about how much money he spends on non-essentials when we only have one salary coming in, living in one of the most expensive areas in the country. Yep, I'm the saver and he's the spender. Why not enjoy life now, because you could be gone tomorrow? he says. True, except that you may live to be 100 and not have enough to live on. And so it goes...

A lot of patient literature refers to those who live with a PWD as "loved ones". It's funny (or not) but sometimes I don't feel like a "loved one" at all. In the heat of those moments and dark of the night, I'm not feelin' much love for Jack. Momentary lapses born out of frustration and fatigue, I suppose. And then I feel guilty because he's the one with diabetes; I have the easy part.


At 7/5/06, Blogger BetterCell said...

Both of you have a difficult time.....Being married to anyone is not easy and being married to a spouse with Diabetes just adds more complexities into the relationship. It is at these times when you have to look beyond yourselves for your child's life and future.

At 31/8/06, Blogger Rona's Home Page said...

My savor has been my faith. During the lastest down I thought I was going crazy but praying, attending church service and bible study helped through it. My husband just recently found out how close I was to a nervous breakdown. He still doesn't check his blood sugar on a daily basis. Ugh!

At 6/2/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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