Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Midnight Adventures

Bleary-eyed from last night... The baby woke up every 2 hours. The Husband was low at midnight. I asked him to check his sugar and he got up, went to the kitchen (why doesn't he just keep a meter on his bedside? I don't know because he won't tell), then came back without checking. I remind him that that's what he was supposed to be doing. We both go into the kitchen and he checks - 46. I pour a glass of juice which he directly puts down on the counter. And he tries to check his sugar again, re-using the same strip. Feeling of dread - are we going to get into a crazy, go-nowhere, irrational discussion? Because we've had plenty of those when he's this low. This time, just a mild scuffle about why he can't re-use a strip, and that his sugar probably hasn't changed since he hasn't had the juice. Ok, he remembers now that his last check was 46 and drinks the juice. He wanders around the kitchen, agitated. I try to calm him down, wait for the juice to take effect.

Meanwhile the baby woke up but I've been ignoring her up 'til then. But now she's starting to wail. Should I stay out here with Husband, or go in with baby before she wakes the rest of the household? I go in to baby because hubby seems ok. He comes back to bed 10 minutes later, whew.

Next morning he's pissed off because his sugar is 266. Turns out he drank a second glass of juice during the midnight adventure after I went to pick up baby. Then he's angry at himself because he did so. Sigh.
But then he says, "Maybe I wasn't thinking straight because I was 46." Wow - that's the first time I've heard him admit anything of the sort.

Thanks to folks who've posted comments. It's really very encouraging for me to keep writing!


At 23/3/06, Blogger Shannon said...

OMG keep writing!! Even if you don't get a lot of comments, it's still so someone WILL read (like me).

I've been at this for a year and still don't get a whole lot of comments, but I know that someone will relate to something I write.

You sound like you are at your wits end with the "low" episodes. Do you have any support through family or friends?

At 24/3/06, Blogger AnnaQ said...

You're absolutely right - it is therapeutic. And it's already helped to clarify some of my husband's behavior for myself.

As to support - his family is very far away, and they don't quite understand because he was diagnosed as an adult. My family is sympathetic, but don't get involved in his care. Funny thing is that my mother will tell me if she thinks he's low. That's part of why I started this log - hoping to find some folks who are going through the same and who may have some suggestions (which has already happened!).

Thank you for your comments. This will teach me to lurk less and comment more on other people's sites!

At 24/3/06, Blogger Shannon said...

There are quite a few PWD with D spouses on the OC.

At 6/4/06, Blogger Penny said...

I just came across your blog today and I'm enjoying it. I added a link to it on my blog.

My three year old son has D. I hope his wife will be as concerend about his D as you are with your husband's.

Keep up the good work!

At 7/4/06, Blogger AnnaQ said...

My heart goes out to you. I complain about life with my husband (who's an adult, after all). But having a child with diabetes must be 10 times more difficult. I have such respect for all you parents.

At 1/7/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Great to read your comments! I am just starting to look for others in my position...spouse of a Type 1 diabetic...36 years since his diagnosis...24 years of marriage, 2 kids. There is always so much to deal with, and it is so easy to get lost yourself in the needs of others...I have been hoping to find others who know what it is like...sounds like you do! K.

At 24/11/06, Anonymous Kathy said...

Hey! I have been way too busy. Went through a quadruple by-pass with my diabetic husband. I am thankful that he got med. help in time. He's 49 and a great guy. Since then we've been dealing with the rehab and life changes. It's been a real tough year. He's kept his sense of humor (incredibly important in our family)and has done the best he can. Lots of losses in the relationship as a result...his lows are getting to be undetectable until just this side of coma, like 32 blood is like sleeping with a newborn baby. You reach over and ...damn! Had a party with 8 paramedics in my bedroom not long ago...keep going on your is good to share. K.

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At 23/10/08, Blogger ausgirl said...

i am the partner of a T1, been together 3 years, diagnosed 10 and he only told me 4 months ago so ive been on a steep learning curve.

i had noticed for ages he would have what i would call "episodes" where he'd be sweating, confused, irrational and i would ask if he was ok, he would always say fine. until one particular time, i got so frustrated i told him i knew something was wrong and i was sick of the lying and i wasnt going to bother asking again (don't know why but i never suspected D). he then finally told me. i was very hurt and angry.

so from then on ive been focused on cooking healthy meals, trying to get him to go for a check up and to check his BGL (he never does, EVER..not for years). its frustrating and scary to think of the future possibilities. in the time ive known about his D he has had many scary lows, one in the middle of the night, he was confused, irritable, i couldnt get him to drink and he became aggressive, verging on violent. absolutely terrifying. im just trying to learn as much as i can. do you have any advice??? thankyou so much for your blog. i dont feel so alone.


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