Monday, March 06, 2006

Kids & safety; Dogs 4 Diabetics

My nightmare as a parent

Yesterday was a wake-up call (besides being no, no fun). We had gone to a restaurant for lunch, it was small with only a handful of occupied tables. Because of these circumstances, it was the first time my utter paranoia allowed me to not have my 3-year-old in sight (I usually have him within my sight every second we're out of the house).

Well yesterday, he decided that he was done with lunch and climbed out of his chair. The baby fussed, so my husband lifted her from her seat onto his lap. When I looked back for the older one, 10 seconds later, I couldn't see him. The next 10 minutes were bedlam as I ran around, ran outside back, ran outside front, calling for him. 10 minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but for a parent searching for a missing toddler, it's eternity.

My husband finally found him under our table, playing hide-and-seek. The nutty kid was laughing, delighted at having tricked his parents.

Lessons from this incident?
1) Continue being paranoid about keeping the kid in sight.
2) Always tie him to the high-chair (must figure something out with chains because he can un-click himself)
3) Decide what to do about husband going out alone with nutty kid.

#3 has been simmering for a long while now (3.5 years, to be exact). The worst scenario is that hubby becomes severely hypo and loses track of kid or cannot adequately supervise him. Couple this with the fact that hubby does not share my paranoia and does not keep him in sight every second. I remember reading about a study which found that fathers had a higher tolerance for having their children out of sight than mothers. That's certainly true in our case.

So until they find The Cure, or husband's on some sort of continuous BG monitoring, what are the choices?
1) They never go out alone, and I resign myself to tagging along to Circuit City and Sportmart for the next 10 years. Hubby's response is that he's always brought the kid back before, right?

2) Make sure husband's much more vigilant when they're out, although I'm always on pins & needles until they safely return. How to "make sure"?? And I'm sure there are many, many, diabetic parents who take care of their children alone on a regular basis. How do they make sure they're safe?

Dogs 4 Diabetics

Just had to share news of this organization. Unfortunately, they currently only operate in the San Francisco Bay Area, and only for type 1 or brittle diabetics.

They train dogs to recognize the early signs of hypoglycemia. I think it's absolutely amazing. This is non-invasive continuous BG monitoring! According to them, the dogs recognize a dipping BG before the person exhibits any behavioral symptoms.

And yes, I did suggest it to my husband, but his immediate response was that he doesn't want a dog. Ok, I understand his reasons (he had 2 pet dogs die terrible deaths when he was young). I could probably push him, but I also vacillate between the benefits (Continuous BG monitoring! Safety for him and the kids!) and the cons (how much energy/time/room/money do I have left over after the full-time job, the toddler and the baby? and do I want to subject my kids to unnecessary pain when their pet passes away?).

The organization is supposedly doing research on how the dogs achieve their detection. Wouldn't it be incredible if they could isolate those chemicals and create an electronic detector?


At 7/3/06, Anonymous AmyT said...

Hi Anna,
Welcome to the blogosphere! Nice to have a spouse's perspective.

Have you visited me yet at Looks like we're neighbors :)


At 7/3/06, Blogger AnnaQ said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your note. I just took a first quick peek at your very extensive site - what a wealth of information!

Yep, neighbors - what's up with today's weather?!

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